Tracks and Electives

There are many different tracks available to residents to pursue their passions.

Research Track

The Research Track is one of the gems of our program. This path allows those seriously interested in pursuing research a chance to make a significant contribution during their tenure in residency. The Research Track allows selected residents to spend 50 percent of their time on research in PGY-5 and PGY-6. Furthermore, this time is protected and funded through a NIH R25 institutional grant (the resident will still have to propose a research project, find a mentor, and apply). There is not a specific lab or labs that must be joined to pursue this route. Residents can endeavor to research in any pertinent area with approval.

Neuromodulation Track

New multidisciplinary electives in neuromodulation are being developed, giving residents broad exposure to therapies such as ECT, TMS, tDCS, MST, and more. This track prepares residents to enter one of the most promising and fastest-growing fields in neuroscience, teaching the clinical skills necessary to properly diagnose and delegate neuromodulation treatments to the appropriate candidates. Furthermore, upon completion residents should be able to program DBS devices, administer ECT, etc. For those with a research interest in neuromodulation and neurotechnology, this is a very solid foundation upon which to start.

Psychiatry Tracks

The UTSW Psychiatry Residency Program has several tracks built in to the program, and these are also available to NPCRP residents, with proper planning. More about these tracks may be found here: 

More about these tracks 


  • Psychiatry Electives
  • Neurology Electives are diverse and include:
    • Behavioral neurology (NPCRP residents will be expected to do at least one month in behavioral neurology)
    • Neuro-Oncology
    • Neuroimmunology (MS)
    • Neuro-ophthalmology
    • Neuro-otology
    • Sleep medicine
    • Headache
    • Autonomic disorders
    • Spinal cord injury
    • Neurorehabilitation
    • Neuroradiology
    • Interventional neuroradiology
    • Neurosonology (carotid and transcranial doppler)
    • Neurosurgery

Create Your Own

In addition to the already expansive list of electives and tracks, at UT Southwestern we are open to residents creating something new. In fact, the combined program was started in just such a way. If there is something you have dreamt of doing and you want to help pave the way, let us know.