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Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship Curriculum

Forensic Core Curriculum

This year-round lecture series covers all the core topics in the theory and practice of forensic psychiatry. The didactic sessions focus on topics including: history of forensic psychiatry; roles and responsibilities of forensic psychiatrists; assessing criminal competence and responsibility; testamentary capacity; civil competencies; assessment of dangerousness, assessment of sexual misconduct; corrections psychiatry; legal regulation of psychiatric practice; writing of a forensic report; juvenile justice systems.

Landmark Cases Class

This is a 90 minute weekly class focused on landmark cases in Mental Health Law.

Research and Scholarship Seminar

In this session fellows develop skills to review medical and legal literature in forensic psychiatry, explore the theoretical and practical foundations of mental health law, cultural, societal, and ethical influences on both legal and psychiatric applications, and contribute to literature in forensic psychiatry.

Legal Digest Seminar

In this session fellows familiarize themselves with new legal opinions from state and federal courts where mental health/illness is a primary issue.