CMC Neurology Rotation

The rotation at the Pediatric Neurology Clinic at Children's Medical Center consists of a half day, every week, for at least 10 weeks. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry fellows will discover the overlap of pediatric neurology and psychiatry and gain a greater understanding of developmental disabilities, and genetic and seizure disorders.

At the Neurology Clinic, you will see a combination of community-based and tertiary care problems. The patients, from neonates to 18-year-old adolescents, suffer from illnesses that include seizure disorders, headaches, stroke, post-traumatic, head injuries, developmental delays, and genetic syndromes. In addition to learning diagnostic and treatment skills, you will have the unique opportunity to assist the neurologists in identifying patients with underlying psychiatric illnesses and assist in treatment referrals for these patients.

You will discuss cases in a group conference at the end of each day, which will give you the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of developmental disorders, mental retardation, and genetic disorders.