A project consultation and an IACUC-approved amendment to the PIs protocol are both required before the NMF will conduct services on behalf of clients. 

Additional services will be added over time and can be developed as needed.  Please check back for new offerings, or contact us to discuss your specific needs.  (Updated Feb 2014.)

Surgical Services

  • Stroke – transient middle cerebral artery occlusion (tMCAO)
  • Stroke – permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion (pMCAO)
  • Stroke – focal transient ischemia (any brain region)
  • Stroke – photothrombosis (focal ischemia in dorsal cortex)
  • TBI – controlled cortical impact (CCI)
  • TBI – closed head, concussive*
  • TBI – closed head, mild*
  • Stereotaxic microinjections (tracer, virus, drug)
  • Implantation of chronic electrodes (EEG, EMG)
  • Implantation of osmotic minipumps
  • Ovariectomy
  • Hypoxia-Ischemia injury*

Procedural Services

  • Chronic in vivo recording of EEG, EMG, ERP (w/ video sync)
  • Hypoxia chambers (acute & chronic exposures)
  • Perfusion/fixation (paraformaldehyde)
  • TTC metabolic stain (infarct volume analysis)

Behavior Testing Services 

  • Rotorod task
  • Grip force measurement
  • Ladder rung walking (step quality & foot faults)
  • Cylinder task (forelimb postural asymmetry)
  • Corner test
  • Open field
  • Forelimb reach-and-retrieve tasks
  • Forelimb level pull task (mouse only)
  • Voluntary running wheels (mouse only)
  • Complex environment cage*

* In development and/or partial availability. Please contact us to discuss further.

Additional Services and Features

  • Project consultation & design
  • Assist with development of protocols, grants, and manuscripts
  • Can coordinate procedures to allow interface with other UTSW core facilities
  • Many facility resources available for rental use by lab staff (contact to discuss)
  • Core staff available to assist with certain laboratory procedures (contact to discuss)