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Neuro-Models Facility

The Neuro-Models Facility (NMF) was established in 2010 to facilitate scientific research of nervous system function and to enhance the development and testing of novel therapeutic strategies for the treatment of nervous system disorders. The NMF provides resource capacity typically unavailable or impractical in an individual laboratory.

Areas of Specialization

  • Surgical approaches to model production and assessment
  • Behavior testing of sensorimotor functions
  • In vivo electrophysiological recording (EEG, EMG, ERP)

Procedures are intended for rodents (mice and rats). New and/or modified procedures can be developed based on client interests. Some procedures and/or resources are available for rental to trained laboratory staff.

Please to discuss specific projects, pricing, and inclusion of core services in grant proposals.

Existing Services

Surgical/Procedural (mouse or rat, unless noted):

  • tMCAo (transient middle cerebral artery occlusion) -- mouse only
  • PT (photothrombosis) -- mouse only
  • TBI-CCI (controlled cortical impact model)
  • Stereotaxic injection (ICI or ICV)
    • Neuro-tracer, virus, drug, cell suspension, etc.
  • Osmotic minipump implant (sq or sq+intracranial cannula)
  • CSF collection (terminal)
  • Electrode implantation for e-phys recordings (EEG, EMG) -- mouse only
  • Chronic in vivo e-phys recording -- mouse only

Behavior (mouse or rat, unless noted)

  • Rotorod test
  • Grip strength test
  • Ladder walk test (with manual video scoring)
  • Cylinder test
  • Pole test - mouse only
  • Corner test -- mouse only
  • Forelimb reach-and-retrieve task -- rental use only

Other Services

  • TBI-CH (non-invasive close head impact model) *currently under development*
  • TTC metabolic stain

Please see detailed pricing information, and contact the core if you have any questions

Key Policies

Clients must have a UT Southwestern IACUC-approved protocol covering any procedural request to be performed by the NMF. The NMF protocol covers specific procedure details; the PI protocol describes the entire experimental timeline.

Consultation with NMF is required before any procedures will be performed.

The NMF reserves the right to decline to use animals that are deemed not suitable for the requested procedures, including up to the time of procedure initiation.

The NMF uses an IACUC-approved combination of anesthetics and analgesics to ensure minimization of pain and/or discomfort. Exceptions to the use of any of these agents must be approved by the IACUC within the PI's protocol.

iLab (calendar/billing platform)

The NMF uses iLab for project requests, schedule management, and billing procedures. Your iLab account must have a valid chart of account assigned in order to process service requests or schedule equipment access.

iLab is integrated with PeopleSoft for seamless payment processing for UT Southwestern clients. Non-UT Southwestern clients will be billed through iLab, but payment will be processed via a purchase order (P.O.).