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Neuro-Models Facility Pricing

NMF services are available on a fee-for-service basis. Services are available to investigators from any academic institution or commercial enterprise, though priority for space and time will be given to investigators with primary academic appointments at UT Southwestern.

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The table below indicates approximate pricing for several service categories. Actual pricing will vary according to specific procedure elements selected by the PI.

Self-use of NMF resources (e.g. surgery station, behavioral testing equipment, or tethered EEG system) is available for interested users after facility orientation and appropriate training.

Surgical Procedures
tMCAo, 60 min $263 each animal
tMCAo, sham $101 each animal
pMCAo (filament placement only) $115 each animal
PT-laser $144 each animal
PT-laser, sham (full) $130 each animal
PT-laser, sham (anes + RB) $17 each animal
TBI-CCI (Leica, skull open) $209 each animal
TBI-CCI, sham $187 each animal
Stereotaxic injection, x1 (any agent) $167 each animal
S-tax injection, additional (same animal, new track) $58 each animal
S-tax injection, additional (same animal, same track) $43 each animal
Minipump implant, sq $43 each animal
Minipump implant, sq+brain $187 each animal
CSF collection, rat, non-survival $87 each animal
CSF collection, mouse, non-survival $65 each animal
Telemetry implant - EEG/EMG (DSI) $217 each animal
Generic (new) surgery procedure variable, please enquire
Core-performed behavioral testing: grip strength, ladder, rotorod, cylinder, pole test, etc.  
Behavior, core performed  $79 Hourly
EEG recording   
EEG recording - DSI system - self use, hourly $18 Hourly
EEG recording - TDT system - self use, hourly $25 Hourly
EEG recording - DSI system - per day per animal, core performed $18 Flat
EEG recording - setup/takedown fee for multi-day core performed $79 Hourly
Rental usage (self-use)  
Surgery station usage (access granted after training) $29 Hourly
Behavior station usage (access granted after training) $22 Hourly
Resource rental, per day $14 Flat
Hourly core performed service charge, generic $79 Hourly
Procedure training by core staff $79 Hourly
Facility orientation by core staff $79 Hourly