Patient-Oriented Research

S. Susan Hedayati, M.D.
Research Interests:
Epidemiology, clinical outcomes in chronic kidney disease, and end stage renal disease


Orson W. Moe, M.D. | Pak Center for Mineral Metabolism
Research Interests: Nephrolithiasis and acid-base physiology


Ramesh Saxena, M.D., Ph.D. | Research Lab
Research Interests: Peritoneal dialysis and glomerulonephritis


Khashayar Sakhaee, M.D. | Pak Center for Mineral Metabolism
Research Interests: Uric acid stones, role of insulin resistance, post-renal transplantation, phosphorus wasting, effect of combined calcium citrate and potassium citrate on the risk of kidney stone and prevention of bone loss


Robert D. Toto, M.D. | Research Lab
Research Interests: Progression of CKD, lipid disorders, angiotensin II, and dialysis


Peter Van Buren, M.D.
Research Interests:  Mechanisms and management of hypertension in chronic kidney disease and hemodialysis patients, fluid management in hemodialysis patients, diabetic nephropathy


Miguel A. Vazquez, M.D. | Research Lab
Research Interests: Dialysis Access Consortium (DAC) and renal osteodystrophy