Current Fellows and Recent Graduates

Current Fellows

Meet our amazing team of fellows upon which our training program is built.

First Year

Dr. Prince Aryeete

Prince Aryeetey, M.B.Ch.B.
Fellowship Track: Clinical
Residency:  Meharry Medical College

Dr. Prince Aryeete

Eldrid Baez, M.D.
Fellowship Track: Clinical
Residency:  Ochsner Clinic Foundation

Dr. Hanna Chen

Han-Cheng "Hanna" Chen, D.O.
Fellowship Track: Clinical
Residency:  University of Missouri-Columbia

Dr. Meredith McAdams

Meredith McAdams, M.D.
Fellowship Track: Clinical
Residency:  University of Kentucky

Second Year

Dr. Rula Abdulrahman

Rula Abdulrahman, M.D.
Fellowship Track: Clinical
Residency: St. John Episcopal Hospital

Dr. Ahmed Elfar

Ahmed Elfar, M.D.
Fellowship Track: Clinical
Residency: Texas Tech University

Dr. Kiran Khan

Kiran Khan, M.D.
Chief Fellow

Fellowship Track: Clinical
Residency: University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Dr. Suman Kotla

Suman Kotla, M.D.
Fellowship Track: Clinical
Residency: Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, Temple University

Dr. Gerard Martins

Gerard Martins, M.D.
Fellowship Track: Clinical
Residency: Jamaica Hospital Medical Center

T32 Research Fellow

Hao Liu, M.D.
Fellowship Track: Research
Residency: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC

Transplant Nephrology Fellow

Lee Edward Anderson, M.D.
Fellowship Track: Transplant
Residency: Texas A & M College of Medicine – Scott and White Program

Recent Graduates

2016 Graduates

Tsegaw Egziti, M.D.
Current Position: Teredesai, McCann & Associates, P.C., Pennsylvania

Ronak Lakhia, M.D.
Current Position: Instructor, UT Southwestern

Javier A. Neyra, M.D.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky Medical Center

Prateek Sanghera, M.D.
Current Position: Nephrology Associates, Inc., Tulsa, Oklahoma

Payaswini Vasanth, M.D
Current Position: Emory University, Transplant Nephrology Fellowship

2015 Graduates

Lei Chen, M.D., Ph.D.
Current Position: Kidney Specialists of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Gates Colbert, M.D.
Current Position: Kidney and Hypertension Associates of Dallas, Dallas, Texas

Vishal Jaikaransingh, M.D.
Current Position: University of Virginia School of Medicine, Transplant Fellow

Jiten Patel, M.D.
Current Position: UT Southwestern, Assistant Professor of Medicine

Nasseem Sunnoqrot, MBBS
Current Position: Kidney Center of Central Georgia, Macon, Georgia

Hanna Thomas, MBBS
Current Position: Dallas Renal Group, Dallas, Texas

2014 Graduates

Julio Chirinos, M.D.
Current Position: Unity Point Health, Waterloo, Iowa

Michael Concepcion, M.D.
Current Position: UT Southwestern, Assistant Professor of Medicine

Nishank Jain, MBBS
Current Position: University of Kansas Medical Center, Assistant Professor of Medicine

Lama Noureddine, M.D.
Current Position: University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, Assistant Professor of Medicine