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Fellowship Tracks

Our training program consists of several different training tracks in order to accommodate the career path of each individual:

  • The Clinical Nephrology Track consists of two years of clinical nephrology training.
  • The Research Nephrology Track consists of one year of clinical nephrology training and one to three years of research training. Research training may be in basic science or patient-oriented investigation. The research years are supported by an NIH T32 training grant. Additional funding mechanisms are available for qualified individuals without permanent residency who are not eligible for T32 grant support.
  • The Med/Peds Nephrology Track consists of 1 year of clinical training in each of adult and pediatric nephrology.  This is followed by 2 years of research training for a total fellowship duration of 4 years.
  • The Transplant Fellowship consists of one year of transplant nephrology training to follow successful completion of a general nephrology fellowship.
  • The Nephrology/Critical Care Training is available, though it can be accessed only after commencing nephrology training in one of the other tracks.