Research Overview

UT Southwestern ranked #1

UT Southwestern is ranked the #1 academic center in the world for published healthcare research by Nature Index.

A vital mission of the Division of Digestive &and Liver Diseases is to promote excellence in research related to gastrointestinal, liver, and pancreatic diseases. The Division currently includes some 14 NIH-funded investigators and a budget of more than $15 million in annual research support. The Division also possesses an NIH funded T-32 training grant. 

While research interests are broad ranging, research in the Division is focused thematically in several specific areas.

  • Basic research topics include inflammation and injury, obesity, metabolism, and cancer biology.
  • Clinical research is also varied, and includes investigation of esophageal diseases, motility, ulcer disease, gastrointestinal bleeding, hepatobiliary endoscopy, small bowel disorders, cancer epidemiology, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, autoimmune liver disease, pregnancy-associated liver disease, cholestatic liver disease, natural history of cirrhosis, and all complications of cirrhosis.