GI Training at UT Southwestern

While we can tell you all about our fellowship program, here's what our fellows had to say about training at UT Southwestern.

First Year Fellows

Amin Amin (First Year Fellow)
The training and opportunities in this program are incredible. I have never learned or experienced so much in such a short amount of time or had so much fun doing so. Every day I work with amazing and inspirational co-fellows and faculty, who& are so welcoming, eager to teach and support you to be the best you can be. We are very often mentored& by world experts in their fields whose pearls of wisdom are priceless! The trifecta of a VA, University hospital and County Hospital enrich the training and Parkland lives up to its reputation in never failing to provide interesting, "case-report" worthy pathology. I am honored to be training here!

Hunter Dunn (First Year Fellow)
By training in the UTSW program, you get to see it all. Covering three large hospital systems, you are immersed in a diverse clinical experience that provides exposure to the breadth and depth of gastroenterology and hepatology. I have been amazed at the things we get to see and do every day. This is all while being mentored and guided by world-class faculty and exceptional co-fellows. 

James Haddad (First Year Fellow)
I was focused on matching into a program that would help me become the best clinician possible, and so far my experience has been that and every faculty member I’ve worked with has seemed to share that goal. The program gives us access to a wide variety of potential mentors who are both great diagnosticians and skilled endoscopists.

Sally Knooihuizen (First Year Fellow)
UTSW is a phenomenal training program because we are exposed to an incredible breadth and depth of GI problems as well as an incredibly diverse patient population. All of the faculty are dedicated to providing superb patient care and always take the time to focus on fellow education. Lastly, there is incredible opportunity and support for academic work here at UTSW, from basic science to clinic research to case reports and presentations.

Stuart Liu (First Year Fellow)
I met some of the most supportive and nicest people in UT Southwestern. I enjoy working with my co-fellows. Everyone is willing to help out and we can always rely on each other. UT Southwestern provides training in three very different clinical settings including a well-functioning public hospital (Parkland), a private university hospital (Clements), and one of the largest VA in the country. The breadth and depth of pathology here are amazing and we are well positioned to become independent gastroenterologists. Finally, there are multiple mentors willing to help in education, career development, or research.

Second Year Fellows

Shreya Amin (Second Year Fellow)
The clinical training across the 3 sites is unparalleled with an extremely diverse patient population and a wide array of interesting pathology. Although the fellowship program is challenging, it prepares you to be a strong clinician and be able to manage any case in the real world with ease. There is also a strong sense of camaraderie amongst the fellows and the faculty.”

Henry Dust (Second Year Fellow)
The program definitely provides a very wide diversity of training sites, patient populations, and pathology such that one can't help but feel well-prepared for all manner of situations. A very strong complement of friendly attendings dedicated to fellow learning solidifies this exposure.

Maryann Osayande (Second Year Fellow)
UTSW GI program has been great! One big advantage that I did not realize before I got here is that we& are able to train at three hospital systems. This is so important because we see many different patient populations, which gives us a vast amount of unique learning opportunities. Like many programs our first year is rigorous, but I already feel very confident in my clinical decision making after one year. I also love that there are so many women in faculty position here, it's very inspiring! Lastly, I am always amazed at how open our program is to change and growth. I feel so lucky to train with amazing doctors and co-fellows.

Kristina Tzartzeva (Second Year Fellow)
My favorite parts of the program are the fellows as well as the interactions we have amongst each other and with faculty. The clinical training and diversity of cases at UTSW certainly make the fellowship special and a great place to learn.

Third Year Fellows

Sagal Ali (Third Year Fellow)
"I love the population diversity at each training site. The faculty make themselves available and my co-fellows make this a fun place to train and learn!"

Yasser Al-Samman (Third Year Fellow)
"The program has some of the nicest and most supportive people I’ve ever worked with. Additionally, training at three different hospitals offers a well-rounded experience, exposing you to a diverse patient population encompassing a wide range of GI problems."

Andrew Gilman (Third Year Fellow)
"It would be impossible to finish this fellowship without becoming the best clinician that you can be. The sheer breadth and depth of pathology has been surprising. I've seen more variety in my few short months here than I did during my entire residency. There are also some very dedicated attendings who are committed to my education."

Jason Glass (Third Year Fellow)
"UT Southwestern is such an amazing place to train. It is highly academic however set in a clinically rigorous environment. My favorite aspect thus far has been my training at Parkland Hospital. We have the opportunity to serve the most indigent population in a brand new beautiful hospital."

Phillip Gu (Third Year Fellow)
"UT Southwestern is probably one of the most unique training environment that I have encountered. It has the trifecta of training at a VA, university hospital, and county hospital. The breadth and diversity of exposure to different patients and pathology is unreal and will provide its trainees with the confidence as attendings to handle any situation in the future. Furthermore, I am continuously impressed by the faculty's commitment to fellow's education and developing the particular career they envision."

Jane Lim (Third Year Fellow)
"I like the diverse clinical training sites, the clinical volume and most importantly, my co-fellows and the family-like atmosphere at UT Southwestern."

T32 Fellows

Aaron Fond (T32 Research Fellow)
We have a wide diversity of experiences in fellowship because of the different sites we train at. More than anything though, this program is great because of the culture among the fellows. There is a collaborative and collegial atmosphere with everyone trying to help each other out, which makes stressful days much more bearable.

Ernesto Llano (T32 Research Fellow)
My favorite part of this fellowship program is the sense of camaraderie between co-fellows and between fellows and faculty. In addition to forming great friendships, coming here, you can expect to receive great clinical training in a high-volume, large tertiary care center with a diverse patient population. I am in the T-32 program here and have felt well-supported and it has been easy to find  great mentorship and research opportunities.

Jan Petrasek (T32 Research Fellow)
"We have the opportunity to interact with nationally and internationally-renowned experts in all fields of gastroenterology and hepatology, and to have the opportunity to work on a number of inpatient services settings as well as multiple subspecialty clinics. The faculty physicians within the division create a positive learning environment for the fellows and there is no shortage of mentorship in terms of the number of different mentors for clinical education, research and career coaching."

UTSW Alumni

Ariel Aday(UTSW Alumni)
"I like the broad exposure to a diverse patient population, three separate health systems training grounds, and a strong inpatient and outpatient clinical experience."

Balaji Ayyar (UTSW Alumni)
"I get along with my co-fellows and enjoy the diversity of experiences between sites."

Abhishek Bhandari(UTSW Alumni)
"I love the people that I work with, from nurses to my co-fellows to our attendings, we have a great environment that makes me enjoy coming into work every day. The training program has multiple different sites and is relatively busy, thus exposing fellows to a large variety of cases and patient populations. This ultimately aids in our training as complete gastroenterologists and helps prepare us for life after fellowship."

Randy Chung (UTSW Alumni)
"Brand new state-of-the-art hospitals and clinic facilities, engaging faculty, the opportunity to care for a diverse group of patients. These are some of the main reasons that drew me to UT Southwestern for my GI training. What I didn’t expect was how much fun I would have going through fellowship with my co-fellows. Through this experience, I have made some of my closest lifelong friends."

Mark Cooper (UTSW Alumni)
"The sense of purpose and contribution gained by working at Parkland and the VA and the sense of sitting on the verge of what's possible at UTSW provides fulfillment at the end of each day."

Doan Dao (UTSW Alumni)
"I think the GI fellowship program is robust and diverse at multiple levels and aspects, from faculty to fellows and from research to clinical medicine."

Pooja Dharwadkar (UTSW Alumni)
"Generally speaking, I have always appreciated the access we have to faculty and how willing they are to help or provide guidance at all times, and in anything."

Ben Elsbernd (UTSW Alumni)
"I most enjoy the quality of both my co-fellows and the faculty. Everyone is supportive, and there is an overall feeling of community."

Maddie Kubiliun (UTSW Alumni)
"I think our exposure to a three-hospital system (county, VA and university) makes the training experience unique. We see a wide range of patient pathology. I also LOVE my co-fellows. Everyone is willing to help each other out and has each other's back."

Neema Saraiya (UTSW Alumni)
"What I like the best about our fellowship is my co-fellows! I've made great new friends which was unexpected. We also have a huge diversity of patients and experiences across all the different sites which has been valuable."

Nikhil Seth(UTSW Alumni)
"One of the greatest strengths of the GI fellowship program at UTSW is the great sense of camaraderie among the fellows. There is a great amount of support from faculty in pursuing our clinical and research interests."

Brandon Szeto (UTSW Alumni)
"The strengths of the program are diversity of training through different institutions, hands-on exposure from day one, high procedure volume and great co-fellows."

Tom Tielleman (UTSW Alumni)
"Our GI program has friendly attendings willing to teach, a wide variety of pathology and a good amount of scoping experience."