Flow Cytometry

The flow cytometry facility is a shared resource facility providing cell analysis and sorting to the entire UT Southwestern campus. The facility offers training of investigators, consultation of experimental design, data acquisition, data analysis, cell sorting, and data management. The facility is equipped with eight benchtop analyzers for user operated data acquisition and four sorters which are staff operated. The cytometers allow for up to 18 fluorescent colors capacity on both analyzers and sorters.

Mandatory training by facility staff is required for all users. After training users are granted access to run the benchtop analyzers and utilize analysis computers. Training is $100 for the Scan and Caliburs and $150 for the Canto, CyAn, LSR II, and ImageStream. Training should be scheduled when an experiment is available.


Instrument Wavelengths Colors Hourly Fee
Scan 488nm laser 3 color $30
Calibur 488nm and 635nm lasers 4 color $30
CyAn 488nm, 635nm, 405nm lasers 9 color $50
Canto 488nm, 561nm, 635nm 8 color $50
LSR 488nm, 532nm, 405nm, 635nm lasers 16 color $60
ImageStream 488nm, 634nm lasers 5 color $60

There is a Moflo and three FACSArias available in the facility for sorting. Facility staff operates the sorters for the user. The sorters are equipped with various combinations of two to five lasers with up to 18 colors available.

Instrument Colors Hourly Fee
MoFlo and Arias Up to 18 $85

Data Analysis

Computers and multiple software packages are available for data analysis free of charge to users.