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Running the Programs

The program tcaSIM is an interactive program that you should run first to understand the models available, their parameter names, and the data variables used. The program tcaCALC runs from the DOS command line only. The data file(s) to be analyzed and the model parameters to be used follow on the command line after running the program. Use the demonstrations documented in intro.pdf (obtained by using the "Documentation" quick link on the right) to become familiar with the programs.

The programs are DOS executables that run on a DOS PC, Microsoft Windows, or a Macintosh using Windows emulation software.

Windows Vista Users

Unfortunately, this operating system does not allow programs to work in "full-screen mode", required for use with DOS programs such as tcaSIM. However, it is possible to use this program when run from within the DOS emulator DOSBox.

Please Note: The operating system you are using may offer a means of installing the software for you.  Because these are DOS programs and not Windows programs, you are advised to use the following steps to have the software work correctly for you.




Go to a MS-DOS command prompt for your system.

For Microsoft Windows, go to the Start menu, select Run, type (if using Window 9x) or cmd (Windows 2000, XP) and press Enter. 


At C:\ type
cd c:\tcasim3

This changes the directory to tcasim3.  The command for tcacalc2 is:  cd c:\tcacalc2. 


Press the Enter key

You are now in the tcasim3 directory. 



This will run the executable file tcasim. To run tcacalc make sure you are in the tcacalc2 directory and type tcacalc.  (Note: at this point you will see the message "Sorry, help is not available". This message does not mean that tcaCALC is not properly installed.  Please go to the page Using the Demonstrations to see how to use it.)


Press the Enter key


Please Note: For Microsoft Windows users, you may wish to set-up links to run tcaSIM and tcaCALC. Links will work for tcaSIM, which operates interactively; however, the best way to use tcaCALC is from the DOS command prompt.

Frequently, links to tcaCALC will run the program briefly but then immediately shut down, leaving the impression that the program is faulty.