Installation Instructions

The downloaded files are self-extracting, but must be renamed from .zip to .exe before use. This is accomplished using DOS commands, DOS PKUNZIP, or an equivalent Microsoft Windows program such as WinZip. The directions below are for renaming and extracting using the MS-DOS command prompt. If you are using a ZIP utility, please see the utility documentation to extract the files into c:\tcasim3 and c:\tcacalc2, respectively.

Use the following steps to rename and extract the files using the DOS prompt.  These steps assume the download files are located in the root directory of the C:\ drive. C:\ indicates the DOS prompt and is NOT typed as part of the command.

Files are available only after registering on the Download Registration page.

Please Note: The operating system you are using may offer a means of installing the software for you. Because these are DOS programs and not Windows programs, you are advised to use the following steps to have the software work correctly for you.



1. Go to a MS-DOS command prompt for your system. For Microsoft Windows, go to the Start menu, select Run, type (if using Window 9x) or cmd (Windows 2000, XP) and press Enter.
2. At C:\ type cd c: This changes the directory to C:\.
3. Press the Enter key You are now at the root directory for C:\. 
4. Type the following on one line: ren tcasim3.exe This renames the file to tcasim3.exe. For tcacalc, the command is: ren tcacalc2.exe.
5. Press the Enter key  
6. Type tcasim3 –d This extracts the files and saves them in the c:tcasim3 folder. The command for tcacalc is: tcacalc2 –d. 
7. Press the Enter key  

If you do not want to run the files from the root C:\, you may run these programs from any folder on your system by:

  • Modifying your PATH system variable; edit c:\autoexec.bat, and re-boot your system
  • Moving the executables (tcasim.exe and tcacalc.exe, depending on which have been installed) to a folder mentioned in your PATH variable, such as c:\windows\command (Windows 9x) or c:\winNT (Windows 2000, XP)

If you move the tcasim.exe to another directory, please move the Help file tcasim.hlp to the same directory.