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Careers in the Touchstone Diabetes Center

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The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Department of Internal Medicine, Touchstone Diabetes Center is seeking a Research Instructor. Position requires an M.D./Ph.D. or Ph.D. in a basic science and 2-5 years postdoctoral research experience in an endocrinology-related field.

We are looking for an independent investigator specializing in the field of metabolism and diabetes. The overall objective of the research to be covered is defining the role of mesenteric adipose tissue biology during obesity and shed light on how pathogenic abdominal adipose tissue expansion contributes to the comorbidities of obesity. The goal of this research is to determine the mechanism by which mesenteric adipose tissue contributes to important metabolic processes, chronic inflammation and inflammatory bowel disease. These findings will provide critical insights into how we translate these findings into the clinic. We expect the candidate to be proficient in a broad set of metabolic phenotype characterization in preclinical models. Additional duties will include the teaching and training of graduate students, house staff and fellows.

For more information about requirements and how to apply please visit UT Southwestern Careers and reference Job ID 720525.

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