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Preventive Cardiology Program

UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Preventive Cardiology Program provides specialized patient care using clinical expertise in preventive cardiology, combined with knowledge of the latest research advances from laboratories at UT Southwestern and elsewhere.

Headed by Amit Khera, M.D., the Program works with patients to assess their risk of developing cardiovascular disease, looking at hereditary factors and other conditions that may affect their future health. For those who have already suffered from a heart attack or stroke, or those at risk for these diseases, a team of doctors, nurses, and nutritionists tailors a medical plan to aggressively reduce risk factors for each individual. The Preventive Cardiology Program combines traditional approaches with new strategies based on research to prevent heart disease and its complications.

The Preventive Cardiology Program offers the following services:

  • Comprehensive cardiovascular risk assessment
  • Multidisciplinary risk intervention
  • Lipid management
  • Cardiac imaging
  • Nutrition services
  • Cardiac rehabilitation