“That’s Where” Brand Campaign

UT Southwestern offers an advanced level of patient care that is unmatched in North Texas. Our “That’s Where” brand campaign highlights nearly a dozen 15-second TV spots that focus on several areas of specialized care here at UTSW, including cancer, neurology, cardiology, and transplant. Originally developed to draw awareness to UT Southwestern’s new William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital, these TV spots also illustrate the breadth and depth of innovation and care you’ll find here.

Cancer Care with Dr. Mansour
Where will you find leading-edge cancer treatment, the most promising new drugs, and the latest clinical trials? At the only NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in North Texas …
UT Southwestern. That’s where.
Heart Care with Dr. Banks
Where did Nobel Prize-winning research lead to the development of statins, and pave the way for the next generation of cholesterol-lowering drugs?
UT Southwestern. That’s where.
Stroke Care with Dr. Pride
Where do you want to go if you or someone you love has a stroke? To the first Comprehensive Stroke Center in Dallas nationally certified by the Joint Commission and the American Stroke Association … UT Southwestern. That’s where.
Treating Epilepsy with Dr. Lega
Where are surgeons using GPS-guided robotics to pinpoint and eliminate the source of seizures in patients with epilepsy?
UT Southwestern O’Donnell Brain Institute. That’s where.
Kidney Transplant with Dr. Levea
Where are transplant patients like me not only given a new chance at life, but also a whole team of specialists – that will be there for them throughout their lives?
UT Southwestern. That’s where.
Training Physicians with Dr. Fitz Where did the majority of physicians practicing in North Texas today receive their training? At one of the country’s leading academic medical centers. UT Southwestern. That’s where.
Lung Transplant with Dr. Torres Where have more lifesaving lung transplants been performed than anywhere else in North Texas? At a hospital that has been performing them for 26 years. UT Southwestern. That’s where.
Concussion Care with Dr. Bell Where will you find the largest team of brain injury experts in North Texas, creating better procedures to prevent, understand, and treat concussions? UT Southwestern O’Donnell Brain Institute. That’s where.
Neurosurgery with Dr. Welch Where in North Texas is research leading to better care and treatment of stroke, aneurysms, brain tumors, and more? UT Southwestern O’Donnell Brain Institute. That’s where.
Heart Failure Care with Dr. Drazner Where are physicians providing life-sustaining support for hearts unable to pump by pioneering research on innovative approaches like this Left Ventricular Assist Device. UT Southwestern. That’s where.