Authorized Signatory and Legal Contact Information

If a company, non-profit, or university requests that you provide the Legal Contact and Authorized Signatory for the Recipient when receiving Material, please use the following information:

Recipient (must be the University)
Legal Name: The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Address: 5323 Harry Hines Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75390-9141, U.S.A.
Legal Contact: Director for Technology Commercialization
Phone Number: 214-648-1888

Authorized Signatory (University representative who is authorized to sign and bind agreements (e.g. MTAs, CDAs, SRAs) on behalf of the University*)
Authorized Signatory: Frank Grassler, J.D.
Title: Vice President for Technology Development
Phone Number: 214-648-1908

*Principal Investigators, students, and department chairs are not authorized signatories for such agreements.