Cooperative and Sponsored Research


  • To provide prompt and courteous service to faculty members and outside agencies, executing agreements in consultation with faculty in a timely manner.
  • To ensure that all agreements comply with state and local laws, University policy, and any funding source restrictions.
  • To ensure all intellectual property provisions are fair, protective of faculty interests, and in accordance with University policy and the OTD mission.


What agreements does Cooperative and Sponsored Research manage?

  • Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs)
    For sharing or receiving confidential unpublished/nonpublic information with or from outside organizations for the purpose of identifying non-clinical research opportunities.
  • Collaborative Research Agreement (CRAs)
    For conducting non-clinical research n collaboration with a university, nonprofit organization or for-profit entity.
  • Data Use Agreements (DUAs)
  • Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)
    For sending UT Southwestern materials or data to outside scientists in academia, government, or industry, or obtaining materials or data from scientists in academia, government, or industry.
  • Sponsored Research Agreement (SRAs)
    For conducting non-clinical research which is sponsored by a for-profit entity.
  • Visiting Scientist Agreement (VRAs)
    For a visit of any time frame by an outside scientist from academia, government, or industry to conduct research in a UT Southwestern lab.

How do I initiate an agreement?

To initiate an agreement, please log in to eAgreements with your University username and password. The first step is to complete the eAgreement Smart Form. No matter which agreement you are initiating, the user will start with the same first two pages of the Smart Form. The Smart Form is brief; however, more detailed questions are generated by the Smart Form as you respond to the basic questions.

What agreement do I need?

The Contracts and Agreements Pathfinder (CAP) is a tool created by UT Southwestern that allows users to work through a flow chart to accurately identify the appropriate system and agreement type for their research. Pathfinder (CAP) will be connected with eAgreements for ease of access to the appropriate forms to initiate an agreement. Pathfinder (CAP) may be accessed by UT Southwestern employees only via the Intranet.

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