Agreements for Commercialization

Confidential Disclosure Agreements
For sharing or receiving confidential unpublished/nonpublic information with or from outside organizations. See CDA Request Form.
Contact: Technology Development

For protecting intellectual property rights in inventions developed at UT Southwestern in the United States and abroad.
Contact: Technology Development

License Agreements
For granting a company the right to make, use, or sell an invention developed at UT Southwestern Medical Center.
Contact: Technology Development

For granting a company an option, to be exercised in the future at the company's discretion, to a license (see above) to a UT Southwestern invention.
Contact: Technology Development

Startups/Equity Deals
For evaluation of a technology or family of technologies for the potential to sustain a startup enterprise and the negotiation with venture capitalists, strategic investors, and other resources for business development.
Contact: Technology Development

Consulting Agreements
For consulting relationships between UT Southwestern faculty and commercial entities, outside employment must be reviewed and approved. Please note that responsibilities necessary to carry out obligations under consulting agreements may not use UTSW time, facilities, or resources.

Consulting agreements are personal agreements between faculty and companies and must therefore be approved as outside employment. See the UT Southwestern Medical Center Outside Employment Policy.