Information Security

Information Security works with departments across campus such as Information Resources (IR), Audit, Compliance, Privacy, Legal, University Police, and Safety and Business Continuity, to help safeguard UT Southwestern’s goals and objectives.

The Information Security Department oversees the security of UT Southwestern’s technology systems to ensure a safe and resilient computing environment that fulfills the mission of excellence in health care, education, and cutting-edge research. Information Security also secures the data of our patients, students, clinical research participants, and 20,000 staff and faculty.


Through our services, UT Southwestern can maintain the appropriate level of protection for its hospitals and clinics, research departments, medical schools, and business administration.

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Security Consulting

  • Consults with and provides guidance to all campus departments on technology and data risk, security practices, technology security controls, and compliance with policies, legal, and regulatory obligations.
  • Assists departments with technology evaluation, security implementation, and testing
  • Advises on security best practices for information technology projects
  • Assists senior management and departmental managers with determining criticality of information resources
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Technology and Data Risk Management

  • Evaluates threats, vulnerabilities, and security risk
  • Creates and monitors organizational security plans
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Cybersecurity Operations

  • Conducts cyber-incident response, investigations, and reporting
  • Detects network intrusion attempts
  • Performs forensic criminal and administrative investigations
  • Oversees technology recovery and restoration for security-related events
  • Conducts institutional security testing and monitoring
  • Monitors computer and network resources for suspicious activity
  • Tests information resources for security vulnerabilities
  • Performs network intrusion detection
  • Conducts security scanning of university computers
  • Tests web-enabled applications
  • Conducts intelligence analysis to identify security threats
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IT Disaster Recovery

  • Develops university-wide IT recovery plans
  • Assists departments with IT recovery and backup planning strategies
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Awareness and Training

  • Awareness and outreach programs help faculty, staff, researchers, and students make sound security decisions.
  • Annual Information Security Training
  • IR Contacts Training
  • IR Employee Continuing Security Education
  • Credit Card Security
  • Periodic information security updates via the University intranet
  • Monthly IR and Security meetings
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Security Policy and Standards

  • Develops and maintains information security policies, standards, and procedures
  • Evaluates existing and emerging security-related laws, regulations, policies, and industry best practices to meet compliance goals
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Secure Email Portal

All confidential UT Southwestern email must be protected through encryption. A secure email portal is available to all users who wish to communicate with a UT Southwestern employee. This service ensures all communication uses strong encryption.

Security Incidents and Breaches

All faculty, staff, and students are expected to immediately report any suspected technology security incidents or breaches to the Chief Information Security Officer or Information Security Department. To report a breach, please contact the IR Service Desk at 214-648-7600 or Information Security.


If you are interested in job opportunities with Information Security, visit UT Southwestern Careers.