Spanish Language Validation Resource

The Spanish Language Validation Committee uses a multistep, systematic process to review Spanish-language study materials, ensuring they are culturally appropriate, accessible to low-literacy populations, grammatically correct, and conceptually equivalent to the English versions.

The Committee places a special emphasis on making sure the literacy level of materials is basic enough to be accessible to a wide range of participants. Though translation agencies provide a good starting point for Spanish-language materials, the Spanish Language Validation Committee ensures these translations are delivered accurately and use “broadcast Spanish” that can be understood by Spanish-speakers from different countries/backgrounds. This is particularly important given the socio-demographic characteristics of patients participating in many studies at Parkland Hospital and UT Southwestern Medical Center.

The Language Validation Committee has experience reviewing the following types of documents:

  • Consent forms; HIPAA authorizations
  • Recruitment materials (including study invitation letters, recruitment flyers, and call scripts)
  • Verbal consent scripts
  • Participant Information sheets
  • Survey items

The Committee process ensures high-quality scientific study materials with language that is both scientifically accurate and comprehended by under-represented populations. We can work with you to 1) identify problematic concepts/phrases and reach consensus on how to best revise through group discussion, 2) conduct cognitive testing with native speakers recruited from the community to evaluate the level of comprehension, accuracy of concepts, and cultural appropriateness, and 3) monitor the literacy level of your materials using readability software, including the modified SMOG formula, recalibrated for Spanish.

If you are interested in using Language Validation services or would like to know more about the process, please contact Magalis (Zamantha) Tijerina.