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2022 Article Archive

UTSW surgeon implants artificial sphincter to improve quality of life after prostate cancer surgery


A first responder for almost four decades, Roger McCurley had made hundreds of hospital runs while providing emergency service to people in the midst of the worst days of their lives.

UT Southwestern scientists among top 1% of highly cited researchers across the globe


More than 20 UT Southwestern Medical Center scientists are among the 2022 Highly Cited Researchers listed in the top 1% of researchers from across the globe who have demonstrated significant and broad influence in their chosen field or fields of research.

UTSW scientists identify brain circuit that triggers rare, blood sugar-dependent epilepsy


A small group of brain cells linked in a circuit is responsible for setting off whole-brain seizures in a rare form of epilepsy affected by blood sugar levels, a study led by UT Southwestern researchers suggests.

Drug shows promise in overcoming endocrine therapy resistance in breast cancer


For patients with estrogen receptor (ER)-positive breast cancer, development of the so-called Y537S mutation signals that their disease has taken an aggressive course and may become resistant to endocrine therapy.

2D and 3D MRIs provide reliable measurements for planning ACL surgery


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can reliably establish measurements for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) “footprints” that are critical to the placement of grafts for reconstruction surgery, UT Southwestern researchers report.

Army veteran, UTSW surgeon helps fellow vets deal with sensitive combat wounds


Combat wounds to a soldier’s genital area are not as well understood as those to other parts of the body because of the intimate nature of the injuries.

Cell competition may explain cancer relapses, research suggests


A normal process called cell competition, in which healthy tissues eliminate unhealthy cells, could be responsible for cancer relapses in patients months or years after they were declared cancer-free, a new study by UT Southwestern researchers suggests.

$50M Perot family gift expands UT Southwestern’s Medical Scientist Training Program


The Perot family, The Perot Foundation, and The Sarah and Ross Perot, Jr. Foundation have provided a transformative $50 million endowment for UT Southwestern’s Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), among the nation’s elite programs that provide graduates a dual M.D./Ph.D. degree to strengthen the advancement of laboratory discoveries into the clinical arena.

UTSW optometrist offers optimum care guidelines for contact lens users


A recent viral video showing a California ophthalmologist removing 23 contact lenses from an elderly patient’s eye has drawn attention to the importance of properly using contact lenses to ensure the health of your eyes.

UT Southwestern researchers identify a regulator of breast cancer development


UT Southwestern researchers have identified a causative signaling pathway in breast cancer, providing potential new targets for treatment of the most common type of cancer in women.