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2019 Article Archive

Rate of highchair misuse climbs


The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports a 25 percent leap in children injured using highchairs – the biggest jump in large-volume categories that included highchairs, strollers, cribs/mattresses, and infant carriers.

Avoiding selfie elbow, texting thumb


Specialists are seeing more and more repetitive stress injuries from overuse of smartphones and tablets – the main instigators of emerging conditions like texting thumb and selfie elbow.

Beware of bacteria at the gym


MRSA transmission between individuals has been associated with locker rooms and gyms where there is sharing of common equipment.

Hypnosis through virtual reality aids in medical recovery


Anesthesiologists are exploring the use of hypnosis through virtual reality to lessen postoperative pain and anxiety in children.

Better chocolate choices benefit heart health


For Valentine’s Day consideration, skip the milk chocolate candy and replace it with a cup of dark hot cocoa.

Time for a talk about vaping?


With new findings that show an unprecedented jump in nicotine-containing electronic cigarette usage among teens, many parents wonder how best to approach the topic.

Geneticists ID molecular pathway for autism-related disorder


 Discovery of molecular trigger for autism-related disorder leads scientists to test potential therapy on mice.

A ‘shocking’ stigma


 UT Southwestern is the only clinical trial site in the U.S. using a new form of brain stimulation to treat major depression.

Southwestern Health Resources Accountable Care Network listed No. 1 in U.S. for Medicare savings


SWHR ACN) saved almost $30 million in 2017, with an overall quality score of 100 percent for the fiscal year

The dangers of hidden fat: Exercise is your best defense against deep abdominal fat


Researchers analyzed two types of interventions – lifestyle modification (exercise) and pharmacological (medicine) – to learn how best to defeat fat lying deep in the belly