Research Practicum

We are excited that you are considering participating with us as a Research Track resident funded by the Translational Research Activities in Neuropsychiatry (TRAIN) program (R25MH101078; PI: MH Trivedi).

Highlights of the TRAIN Program

Individual meetings with the TRAIN Director within month 2 of postgraduate year (PGY) 1 to month 9 of PGY-1:

  • Discussions about research interest(s) and potential Research Mentors
  • Facilitation of meetings with potential Research Mentors

Regular meetings with selected Research Mentor (PGY-2 to PGY-4) to facilitate:

  • Choosing and designing a mentored research project
  • Preparing a Research Portfolio
  • Overcoming obstacles related to conducting projects
  • Organizing and analyzing data
  • Preparing a poster for the annual Research Track Seminar
  • Developing first-author manuscripts, one based on a literature review related to the resident’s project or a secondary analysis of the Research Mentor’s data and another based on findings of the mentored project

The R25 supports 40% protected research time in PGY-2 and 50% in PGY-3 and-PGY-4.

Didactics are provided by TRAIN faculty, Department of Psychiatry faculty, and O’Donnell Brain Institute faculty through the Center for Translational Medicine at UT Southwestern and through other venues upon approval. The annual Research Track Seminar allows residents to present their work to both internal and external faculty.

Scheduling information is meant to be a general guide to your time in the program. Flexibility is certainly allowed and is, in fact, essential to ensure that you fulfill all the requirements for general residency as well as the research track. Discuss and plan as early as possible to ensure that you can easily accommodate all requirements.

Contact Us

For additional information or if you have any questions, please contact us at (214) 648-7752 or via