Research Track Didactic Curriculum

Core Curriculum

During their second postgraduate year (PGY-2), Research Track residents attend weekly Research Track Seminars. The curriculum includes topics such as research design, biostatistics, grant writing, and critical evaluation of research literature. 

The core didactic curriculum for the Psychiatry Residency Program also includes discussions about issues pertinent to the personal success of residents, such as achieving financial stability through loan repayment programs and techniques for balancing work and life responsibilities.

Research Track residents have the chance to interact with prominent investigators in the field of psychiatry and to learn about their research career experience and ongoing work. Advanced Research Track residents gain valuable experience by presenting the findings of their own work and the future directions of their research.

Research Track Seminars

Seminars for Research Track residents include:

  • TRAIN Translational Research Seminars to provide residents with foundational knowledge that will allow them to develop a general understanding of basic and translational research areas and techniques, and facilitate residents’ ability to directly interface with research laboratories on campus. TRAIN residents can supplement these seminars through active participation in basic neuroscience-focused journal clubs, laboratory meetings, Research Practicum, and presentations.
  • TRAIN Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) Seminars provided by faculty who are actively familiar with and/or conducting RDoC-relevant research. Series sessions focus on RDoC concepts and techniques associated with the classification of mental disorders based on dimensions of observable behavior and neurobiological measures organized in domains, constructs, subconstructs, and associated units of analysis.
  • Advanced Research Topics Seminars targeted to both psychiatry research track residents and clinical psychology doctoral students. Seminars are designed to provide trainees with foundational knowledge of key elements of research productivity and funding acquisition, as well as general related topics designed to enhance their research skills and competency.
  • TRAIN Resident Progress Seminars where Research Track residents present their ongoing work to allow for knowledge-sharing, giving and receiving constructive feedback, and practicing presentation skills.