Mentorship Program


  • To identify and obtain support and guidance on clinical, research, personal, and administrative thoughts and ideas for residents in each postgraduate year (PGY)
  • To ensure each resident has at least one mentor by the end of residency 

Advisee Responsibilities (PGY 1)

  • Begin identifying career interests, personal strengths, and weaknesses
  • Learn how to set personal goals during training
  • Contact advisor to arrange meetings (minimum expectation is to meet quarterly)

Mentee Responsibilities (PGY 2-4)

  • Participate in self-reflection of personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Participate in developing personal goals during training
  • Set clinical priorities and develop professional profile
  • Contact mentor to arrange meetings (minimum expectation is to meet quarterly)

Role of the Mentorship Committee

  • To increase resident satisfaction with support for clinical, research, and personal matters
  • To help identify particular areas where residents feel they need more support
  • To help residents find mentors or change advisors/mentors (e.g., by providing profile information for available mentors)

Mentorship "Road Maps" with Discussion Guides