Electives in Women's Mental Health

Obstetrics Complications Clinic

The Parkland Obstetrics Service is one of the largest in the country and a model for public hospital obstetrical care. As Ob/Gyn residents see patients, those who have co-morbid psychiatric disorders and are in acute need of evaluation or treatment guidance will be seen by the resident and attending. The resident also helps educate the obstetrics medical staff on mental health, treatment options, and community resources.

Postpartum Depression
Parkland Memorial Hospital Outpatient Clinic

Residents will evaluate postpartum patients who have recently screened positive for postpartum depression at their Parkland Obstetrics Clinic. Residents work directly with a supervising psychiatrist and interdisciplinary team to decide appropriate treatment for patients and, if indicated, continue to follow up with patents. 

Women’s Stress Disorders Clinic

Residents work in outpatient clinics that specialize in women's mental health topics at the Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Parkland Memorial Hospital. An optional research experience is available to interested residents.

Victim Intervention Program, Parkland Memorial Hospital

The Victim Intervention Program (VIP)/Rape Crisis Center serves patients who are victims of violent crime, sexual assault, domestic violence, childhood abuse, and political persecution/torture. Residents will learn to thoroughly assess trauma and utilize both medications and psychosocial interventions to provide amelioration of symptoms, social support, and long-term healing.