Education and Teaching Electives

Education Track Teaching Elective on Parkland Consults

The resident will meet with one or more of the MS3s on the Parkland Consult Service to evaluate a patient. The resident will either demonstrate an interview or supervise a student performing the interview. The resident and student(s) will then discuss the interview process and the patient formulation in depth. There will be the opportunity to participate as a co-facilitator in the Academic Colleges covering topics such as communication skills, mental status exam, child development, culture and medicine, or addictions.

Senior Education Elective at the Parkland Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic

The PGY-4 will take on an educational and clinical role supervising PGY-3s in their evaluation, treatment planning, documentation, and follow-up visits with Parkland Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic patients. They also will have direct teaching responsibilities for MS4s who do electives in the Clinic. Further educational responsibilities will include the coordination of case conference, with opportunities to be the “guest” attending, and didactic presentations. Throughout the rotation, there will be direct supervision and education training for the PGY-4 by the POPC attendings (who are experienced in teaching, treatment, and administration).

Teaching Elective at Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Residents rotate with several mentors during this elective. Mentors serve as role models and assist the residents in improving teaching skills and developing lectures and presentations to medical students and junior residents. Residents are also expected to discuss a selected set of core readings covering teaching-related topics focused on best practices in trainee supervision and formal teaching.