Electives in Community Psychiatry

Community Psychiatry, VA Medical Center

This elective consists of three Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center community psychiatry programs: Comprehensive Homeless Center (CHC), Community Support Treatment Program (CSTP), and Community Residential Care (CRC). Unless otherwise pre-arranged, the resident will rotate through each program during the Community Psychiatry rotation.

  • Comprehensive Homeless Center: Resident will learn to implement principles of the mental health recovery model and work with multidisciplinary teams in an effort to assist in ending homelessness. 
  • Community Support Treatment Program: As the seriously mentally ill population frequently requires acute psychiatric hospitalizations, residents will participate in evaluating appropriateness for change in level of care, following veterans as they are hospitalized and as they transition back to community care.
  • Community Residential Care Program: Resident will develop psychosocial assessment and intervention skills with chronically mentally ill veterans residing in VA-approved assisted living facilities.

Developmental Disabilities Psychiatric Services

This community clinic at Metrocare serves the following patient populations: children and/or adults with a diagnosis of developmental disabilities, including mental retardation (mild to profound), autism spectrum, complicated by disruptive behaviors, impulsive control disorder, and stereotypical movement disorders. Residents will have exposure to the special diagnostic and treatment problems of children with both developmental disabilities and disruptive behaviors or severe psychiatric symptoms.

Mental Health Access Clinic and Integrated Care, VA Medical Center

This team sees new patients who present for emergency, urgent, walk-in, and non-urgent scheduled evaluations and mental health care. The team also collaborates with Primary Care physicians to care for mental health patients within the primary care setting. The team also provides inpatient consultation-liaison services.

Mental Health Copper Team Outpatient Clinic, VA Medical Center

This outpatient clinic’s patients include combat as well as non-combat veterans. Many suffer from consequences of exposure to war, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Desert Storm, and Vietnam, etc. There will be opportunity to participate in therapeutic interventions, including treatment of patients with serious mental illness needing depot antipsychotic injections or clozapine.  

Outpatient Clinic, VA Medical Center

The VA Platinum Clinic is a general psychiatry outpatient clinic which treats veterans with a wide variety of psychiatric disorders including mood, anxiety, psychotic, substance abuse, and personality disorders. Platinum clinic patients include veterans with first onset psychiatric disorders as well as those who are chronically ill, are treatment-resistant, or have complex psychiatric and medical co-morbidities. The purpose of this elective is to help residents expand their knowledge of the diagnosis and evidence-based pharmacotherapies and psychotherapies of outpatients with complex, first-onset, chronic, or treatment-resistant psychiatric conditions.