Electives in Addiction Psychiatry

VA Addictions – Methadone Clinic

Residents work with patients with a primary diagnosis of opioid dependence who receive either methadone or buprenorphine maintenance. Residents are expected to learn the administrative aspects of the Methadone Clinic and attain expertise in addiction management.

VA Addictions – Motivational Interviewing/Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Residents will develop skills in motivational interviewing (MI) and motivational enhancement therapy (MET) for a range of commonly encountered treatment concerns (e.g., medication adherence, substance use, diet change, exercise, etc.). Training will include didactic teaching on MI theory/principles, live observation of trainer-facilitated MI/MET sessions, and regular review and feedback of audio-recorded, resident-facilitated MI/MET sessions. 

VA Addiction Outpatient Clinic

Residents will see a wide variety of patients with a primary diagnosis of addictive disorders and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Clinic will be followed by didactic teaching on an addiction-related topic.

VA Mental Health Pain Clinic

Residents see and evaluate patients (including some in opioid substitution therapy) with a wide range of pain problems and severity of pain. Residents have the opportunity to learn about various treatment modalities for chronic pain.