Committees Supporting Diversity for Residents

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is a resident-developed and resident-led group that was created to address issues of diversity and inclusion in our residency program. We work to assess all aspects of residency training with sub committees that focus on specific topics. These subcommittees include residency education/curriculum development, advocacy/community outreach, resident experience, patient experience, and resident recruitment. The committee falls under the residency education committee and receives substantial support from the program leadership. Through the committee, a few initiatives have been developed such as the following:

  • Diversity Interview Day dedicated to showcasing our residency program diversity
  • Special Education Seminars at African American Museum and Latino Cultural Center
  • Lectures on Microaggressions & Discrimination as Social Determinant of Mental Health
  • Book club with themes of anti-racism, diversity, and culture

LGBTQI+ Inclusion Committee

The LGBTQI+ Inclusion Committee enhances awareness of the unique mental health risks and psychiatric needs of LGBTQI+ individuals via four realms: didactics, patient care, mentorship, and resident recruitment. Sample activities:

  • LGBTQI+ mental health seminar
  • Therapy group for LGBTQI+ individuals in the Parkland outpatient psychiatry clinic
  • Advocated for patient registration template changes in the electronic medical record
  • Campus-wide mentoring group for residents and fellows
  • Resident and medical student educational activities for improving LGBTQI+ health knowledge 

Housestaff Emerging Academic Leaders

Launched by UT Southwestern’s Office of Faculty Diversity & Development, Housestaff Emerging Academy of Leaders (HEAL) is a networking and professional development program designed for historically underrepresented and/or discriminated groups. HEAL for URMs is designed for racial/ethnic residents, fellows, and supporting faculty who have been historically underrepresented in medicine, such as African-Americans, Hispanics, American Indian/Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islanders. 

Example monthly lectures/events:

  • Stay on your G.R.I.N.D. (Goals, Reasons, Information, Network, Discipline)
  • How to Apply
  • Crucial Conversations: Deciding your future and making tough decisions
  • Making S.M.A.R.T. Money (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Measurable) 

Minority Housestaff Association

The Minority Housestaff Association (MHA), led by residents in different residency programs within UT Southwestern, is committed to promoting a community of wellness for physician trainees from underrepresented backgrounds, aid in diversity recruitment initiatives for trainees within the UT Southwestern network, and participate in service outreach to positively impact local disadvantaged Dallas-Fort Worth communities.