Patient Care

The UT Southwestern Medical Center Nephrology Division offers comprehensive care for patients with the entire spectrum of kidney disease. Specialty care for common and uncommon causes of kidney disease, including genetic diseases, is delivered by full-time faculty members with broad expertise in nephrology. 

The most up-to-date therapies are utilized by the faculty in the UT Southwestern Medical Center facilities. Inpatient and outpatient consultation services for chronic kidney disease patients, as well as maintenance renal replacement therapy by dialysis or transplantation, are coordinated by our Nephrology Division offices. 

UT Southwestern’s comprehensive Kidney Transplant Program delivers multidisciplinary, patient-centered transplant medical care. 

Our team includes nephrologists (kidney doctors), surgeons, and specialized nursing staff, as well as cancer imaging and infectious diseases specialists, transplant coordinators, social workers, nutritionists, pharmacists, and financial coordinators.