Faculty and Research

Division Chief

Dr. Joel Elmquist

Joel Elmquist, D.V.M., Ph.D. | Research Lab
Maclin Family Distinguished Professorship in Medical Science, in Honor of Dr. Roy A. Brinkley
Carl H. Westcott Distinguished Chair in Medical Research
Departments of Internal Medicine and Pharmacology Director,
Director, Hypothalamic Research Center

Interests: Body Weight Homeostasis; Central Autonomic Control; Diabetes and Glucose Homeostasis; Neurobiology and Neuroanatomy of the Hypothalamus

Division Faculty

Dr. Eric Berglund

Eric Berglund, Ph.D.| Research Lab
Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine and Pharmacology

Interests: Body weight control, Central control of metabolism, Glucagon, Insulin sensitivity, Leptin

Dr. Teppei Fujikawa

Teppei Fujikawa, Ph.D. | Research Lab
Assistant Professor

Interests: Glucoregulatory Actions of Leptin; Metabolic Adaptations to Exercise; The Central Regulation of Metabolic Homeostasis

Dr. Surbhi Gahlot

Surbhi Gahlot, Ph.D.
Assistant Instructor

Interests: Central Nervous System Regulation of Food Intake and Body Weight, Metabolism, Obesity and Diabetes

Dr. Laurent Gautron

Laurent Gautron, Ph.D. | Research Lab
Assistant Professor

Interests: Hypothalamus, in situ hybridization, Molecular neuroendocrinology, Neuroanatomy, neuroimmunology, obesity, Sepsis, Vagus nerve

Dr. Deepali Gupta

Deepali Gupta, Ph.D.

Interests: Endocrine Disorders - Diabetes and Obesity; Psychiatric Behaviors - Depression and Anxiety

Dr. Kripa Shankar

Kripa Shankar, Ph.D.

Interests: Blood Glucose Counter-regulation, Body Weight and Energy Homeostasis, Ghrelin Biology

Dr. Chen Liu

Chen Liu, Ph.D. | Research Lab
Associate Professor

Interests: Antipsychotic drug induced metabolic syndrome; Brain serotonin and serotonin receptors; Developmental origins of survival behaviors

Dr. Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams, Ph.D. | Research Lab
Associate Professor

Interests: Central Autonomic Control; Diabetes and Glucose Homeostasis; Electrophysiology; Exercise; Neurophysiology; Obesity and Body Weight Homeostasis; Synaptic Transmission

Dr. Steven Wyler

Steven Wyler, Ph.D.
Assistant Instructor

Interests: Body Weight Control; Central Control of Metabolism; Hypothalamic Development; Transcriptional Regulation

Dr. Young-Jai You

Young-Jai You, Ph.D. | Research Lab
Assistant Professor

Interests: Metabolic Regulation of Behavioral States; Metabolic Regulation of Reproduction; Neural Mechanisms of Starvation

Dr. Jeffrey Zigman

Jeffrey Zigman, M.D., Ph.D. | Research Lab
Kent and Jodi Foster Distinguished Chair in Endocrinology, in Honor of Daniel Foster, M.D.
The Diana and Richard C. Strauss Professorship in Biomedical Research
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Brookshire Professorship in Medicine
Departments of Internal Medicine and Psychiatry

Interests: Brain-gut axis; Cancer cachexia; Diabetes and hypoglycemia; Enteroendocrine cell function; Ghrelin secretion and ghrelin action; Metabolic responses to Exercise; Neuro-hormonal framework linking complex eating behaviors to mood; Obesity and eating behavior; Prader-Willi Syndrome

Secondary Appointments in Hypothalamic Research

Joyce Repa, Ph.D. | Research Lab
Associate Professor
Department of Physiology

Interests: Bile acids, Cholesterol; Diabetes; Lipidomics; LXR, FXR, PXR, beta-cell, islet; Neurodegenerative disease; Nuclear hormone receptor; Sensorineural hearing loss; Transcription

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