Overview of Scholarly Activities

In addition to direct patient care responsibilities in a variety of clinical settings, the fellow will be provided with a variety of didactic lectures and learning experiences. Extensive library materials and services are available to the fellow at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Parkland Memorial Hospital, and the Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Attendance at National Meetings

One week of educational leave is provided for the fellow to attend at least one national meeting (i.e., Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, ASCO). Any prospective meeting plans must be discussed in detail with the program director in advance. $1,000 is available per fellow for participation in a national meeting of their choice.

Research Training

Fellows will participate in the annual research training day offered by the Clinical Research Unit at UT Southwestern. The CRU is a clinical research unit that provides services to the faculty and staff of UT Southwestern and other partners in the North and Central Texas Clinical and Translational Science Initiative (NCTCTSI). The CRU is comprised of an outpatient facility and an inpatient unit dedicated to supporting clinical research. The training day will cover essential principles of clinical research. At the conclusion of the even, the fellow will receive a Best Research Practices certificate.

Quality Improvement Project

The fellow will spend two months working on the Parkland Palliative Care Consultation Service. Half-way through the first month, they will meet again to formulate a clinical question and design a study to help answer it. Prior to the second month on service, the fellow will collect baseline data, and, if possible, implement interventions based on the findings. During the second month, if not before, data regarding the intervention will be collected and analyzed.