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Requirements for Application and Helpful Links

UT Southwestern Graduate Medical Education Policies

For policy information on resident eligibility and appointment, due process, promotion, and more, please visit the UT Southwestern GME Policies website (internal applicants only).

Parkland Graduate Medical Education

For information on resident application requirements, contract templates, required documents, etc., for Parkland Memorial Hospital, please visit their GME website.

Texas Medical Board

Applicants must be eligible for, and obtain, at least a Texas Physician-in-Training permit prior to the start of their residency. Eligibility requirements for this permit are found on the Texas Medical Board website.

United States Medical Licensure (USMLE)

Applicants must pass at least USMLE Step 1 prior to submitting the application, and pass Step 2 CK prior to the start of their residency. We highly recommend applicants to take Step 2 early and make their scores available for their residency applications. Eligibility requirements are found on the USMLE website.

Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)

Applicants must have a current valid certificate prior to applying to the residency programs. Eligibility requirements for this are found on the ECFMG website.