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Touchstone Center for Diabetes Research

The Touchstone Center for Diabetes Research is devoted to the study of the cells and tissues that are either contributing to or are affected by diabetes and its related diseases. Our research focuses on both basic and clinical aspects of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and questions related to the impact of diabetes and obesity on cardiovascular disease outcome and cancer incidence.

The Touchstone Center for Diabetes Research is part of a fully integrated research effort at UT Southwestern Medical Center in the area of metabolic research. Relevant partners in this effort are:

Our Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Core provides a full spectrum of services for the metabolic phenotyping of preclinical models and assay capabilities for clinical samples.

Focus Areas within the Touchstone Center for Diabetes Research

  • Adipose tissue physiology: Systemic impact of adipocyte-derived factors on insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular disease
  • Beta cell physiology: Apoptotic and regenerative aspects of b-cell physiology
  • Impact of obesity on breast cancer incidence and progression
  • Regenerative aspects of tissues related to diabetic complications
  • Sexually dimorphic physiology of adipose tissue and the impact on sexually dimorphic disease susceptibility
  • Impact of sex hormones on energy metabolism