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Rheumatic Diseases

The Rheumatic Diseases Division at UT Southwestern Medical Center has been recognized worldwide for more than 30 years as one of the leading research centers of its kind dealing with arthritis and rheumatic diseases. Established in 1958, the Division is also a recognized leader in the training of academic rheumatologists.

There are opportunities available for collaboration with our faculty in a wide variety of activities, including patient referrals, basic research, clinical trials, and clinical training.

Mission Statement

The core purpose of the Rheumatic Diseases Division is: Moving Rheumatology Forward

Creating Leaders | Improving Lives | Driving Discovery

Vision Statement

The 10-year goal of the Rheumatic Diseases Division: To be the leader of U.S. academic rheumatology divisions.

To achieve this goal, the faculty, staff, and trainees of the Division will have made this the most desirable referral center for patients seeking rheumatological care in Texas. The Division will have expanded its research activities – collaborating within the university, the UT System, and beyond – leading to innovation in the laboratory, clinic, and classroom, sponsorship by the NIH, foundations, and industry, and guiding the next generation of leaders within academic rheumatology. The most desirable trainees and graduates will consistently seek out positions in our Division. These accomplishments will lead to top rankings of both the Division and its faculty members.