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Where complex is commonplace

Health care professionals at UT Southwestern are always prepared for what’s next. Our physicians, scientists, and educators are constantly searching for new and better ways to tackle emerging health threats as well as help patients overcome life-threatening diseases. Here, complex is commonplace. Together, we are finding answers and saving lives.

UT Southwestern has built a reputation for taking on rare, challenging cases with phenomenal expertise. That aptitude also extends to the research arena, where our investigators are world-renowned for breakthroughs, and to biomedical education, where the new Peter O’Donnell Jr. School of Public Health and the recently added Department of Biomedical Engineering promise to build on the momentum.

Examples of complexity perfected are numerous: from research involving gene editing to avert heart attack damage to the evolution of a pancreatic robotic surgery program into one of the best in the world.

Efforts of excellence at UT Southwestern have led to numerous distinctions in 2023, including:

All that has been accomplished at UT Southwestern this past year would not have been possible without the invaluable collaboration and support from our community. In this Year in Review, we celebrate the teamwork and standard of excellence at UT Southwestern that is propelling science, medicine, and biomedical education into the future.

2023 News Coverage Highlights

Video of 2023 UT Southwestern news highlights


DiscoverA woman viewing a testing materials in lab

A unique culture that encourages innovation and collaboration led to discovery and prestigious recognition for research.

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Educate A professor with a white shirt speaking with students in a classroom

The launch of the Peter O’Donnell Jr. School of Public Health and other programs affirmed the Medical Center’s commitment to biomedical education.

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HealA medical doctor, wearing masks, looking down in operating room

A deep commitment to compassionate, excellent patient care helped our community realize its full and healthy potential.

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Connect Four men at an event with ballons

Building a stronger sense of community, UT Southwestern elevated efforts to keep the public informed and engaged on a personal level.

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GiveA pair of hands holding a heart

Generous donors enabled UT Southwestern to deliver on its mission of education, patient care, and transformative research ranging from Alzheimer’s disease to breast cancer.

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