Intellectual Property Policies

1. U.S. Public Health Service/NIH Patent Policy
2. UT System Intellectual Property Policy and Guidelines

UT Southwestern’s Handbook of Institutional Policies and Operating Procedures, available on the intranet (MyUTSW), is the source for official policies regarding intellectual property and technology development. For your convenience, you may download a copy of the INP-101 Technology Development and Intellectual Policy here.

UT Southwestern recognizes that through appropriate intellectual property management and technology transfer arrangements, the results of research can be made available for the good of the public at large and, in some instances, assist the state in commercial development and expanding its economic base.

In accordance with the policies of the UT Board of Regents and UT Southwestern, intellectual properties are exploited and faculty and staff inventors are eligible for financial rewards resulting from the licensing of intellectual properties.

The UT System Intellectual Property Policy is found in the Regents' Rules 90000 Series. Other UT System guidelines are found in the document entitled Policy and Guidelines Relating to Intellectual Property License Agreements With Private Entities.

UT Southwestern's policies and actions with regard to intellectual property are consistent with the Regents' Rules and guidelines. Copies are available in the Office of Legal Affairs or the Office for Technology Development.