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Disclose an Invention

The Office for Technology Development (OTD) welcomes all UT Southwestern faculty members, researchers, clinicians and students to disclose their inventions using the Intellectual Property Questionnaire. An invention may be a useful method, device, process, algorithm, tangible material, or an improvement to an existing product. Please note the review process outlined below for guidance and contact our department should you have any questions.

Steps to Disclose an Invention

  1. Contributor logs into the Sophia website portal here with his/her UT Southwestern username and password, then looks to the right side of the page to find the disclosure form that best fits his/her invention. See example in screenshot here.
  2. Contributor completes and submits online disclosure.
  3. OTD performs a preliminary prior art search on disclosed invention.
  4. OTD IPQ Review Team evaluates disclosed invention.
  5. If appropriate, the OTD IPQ Review Team develops an initial intellectual property and commercialization strategy.
    (Note: This strategy may or may not include the filing of a patent application. Many inventions, including mouse models, cell lines, and software packages, are effectively commercialized without patent protection.)
  6. Contributor may submit additional information if requested by OTD.
  7. If applicable, OTD will instruct patent counsel to prepare a draft patent application supportive of the commercialization strategy.
    • Patent counsel, OTD, and contributors review and edit patent application drafts.
    • Patent counsel files a patent application with the USPTO.
  8. If appropriate, OTD implements a commercialization strategy.