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Sample Requirements

  • Orders should be submitted through our online ordering website.
  • You will need a valid Chart of Accounts.
  • Premix your template and primer for a total volume of 12 µl.
    1:5 µg 50 ng 6 pmole (0.5 µM) in 6 µ
  • Please indicate if you wish us to add one of the standard primers or we will assume you have already premixed your sample. If no primer is added, submit your template in a total volume of 6 µl.
  • Optimal results are obtained when the purified templates and primers are diluted in dH2O, avoid TE buffer (EDTA).
  • PCR products need to be purified.
  • DNA concentrations are best quantified by flourometry. We recommend the Qubit. For quality, we recommend the NanoDrop Spectrophotometer.