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Pricing is based on a cost-recovery model, and will vary depending on the experiment and data requirements. For an estimate, please

Pricing includes primary and basic secondary computational analyses.

Typical charges for samples in which the sequencing core makes the libraries:

ProcedureCoverage (X)
or # reads (M)
TypeRead length (bp)Price
15-25 M Single-end 100 $315
Exome (Human) 100X Paired-end 150 $350
Exome (Mouse) 100X Paired-end 150 $550
15-25M Single-end 100 $345
15-25M Paired-end 150 $445
Small RNA 10-15M Single-end 100 $285
Whole Transcriptome
25-35M Single-end 100 $440
Whole Transcriptome
25-35M Paired-end 150 $585
Whole Genome 30X Paired-end 150 $800
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