Core Access and Support

Core Facilities and Capabilities 

The Medicinal Chemistry Core occupies lab space on Y4 that includes nine fume hoods appropriately equipped for synthetic organic chemistry. We operate two LC/MS instruments, preparative HPLC and medium-pressure LC instruments, and other equipment standardly used for chemical synthesis.

The Medicinal Chemistry Core shares NMR and other instruments with other chemistry groups on campus. These capabilities allow us to mount aggressive medicinal chemistry campaigns, synthesize select compounds on large scale for animal testing, and prepare tools for chemical biology.

Core Funding Support 

The Medicinal Chemistry Core is funded through the Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center, the University, and through collaborative grants with individual PIs. For early stage studies and quality control (purity, identity of resupplied hits), we charge investigators for supplies and reagents, but not labor. Later stage studies are frequently supported by external grants.