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UT Southwestern embarked on a bold journey into the future of curative medicine by establishing the Viral Vector Core lab and GMP AAV Viral Vector production facility.

Designed to support both internal clinical studies and the wider scientific community, our program has been built around a professional team with diverse expertise, working collaboratively with a broad range of stakeholders.

Our aim is to establish a streamlined, fully equipped viral vector production facility that can provide timely and efficient services to investigators within UT Southwestern and beyond. We are committed to facilitating translational research that applies gene therapy to treat genetic diseases. Our key objective is to deliver high-quality AAV vectors to our diverse client base, including academic institutions, government bodies, foundations, and biotech industry players.

Learn more about the role of AAV Vector Manufacturing in gene therapy.


Our core mission is to support the research community at UT Southwestern by providing top-tier AAV vectors and associated services for gene therapy translational studies. Our dedicated team of investigators, collaborators, and foundations work tirelessly to bring the future of gene-based medicine into the present.


Our vision is to be a leading gene therapy program, recognized and respected at local, national, and global levels.

Core Values

  • Dedication to patient care
  • Honesty
  • Transparency in processes
  • Innovation
  • Commitment
  • Efficiency
  • Dynamism
  • Production Facility

Servicing & Pricing

  • Production
  • Services
    Biodistribution qPCR per tier 1 (1-36 samples)> Internal: $170.00 each
    Biodistribution qPCR per tier 2 (37-72 samples) Internal: $330.00 each
    Biodistribution qPCR per tier 3 (73-96 samples) Inquire
    Biodistribution qPCR setup fee (IND-enabling) Internal:  $750.00 each
    External: $950.00 each
    Biodistribution qPCR setup fee (standard) Internal:  $100.00 each
    External: $200.00 each
    ELISA Testing (VP) 25-32 Samples Inquire
    Endotoxin Internal:  $75.00 each
    Potency Testing Internal:  $5,000.00 each
    Vg Virus Titer (AAV) by qPCR (1-15 Samples) Internal: $75.00 each
    Vg Virus Titer (AAV) by qPCR (16-36 Samples) Internal:  $95.00 each


AAV Vector Core is located on the 4th floor of the Green Research Building (Building Y) on UT Southwestern’s south campus. There are separate suites for Process Development, Quality Control (Y4.206), and GMP AAV Viral Vector production (Y4.230).


Steven Gray, Ph.D.

Director, Translational Gene Therapy Core (TGTC)


Default Photo

Samer Dahshi, M.S.

TGTC - Operations Manager