Service Charges


  1. DNA extraction- $50/sample
  2. 16S sequencing- $60/sample (bulk order of ≥96 will receive further discount)
  3. Microbial whole genome sequencing- $200/sample (bulk order of ≥24 isolates will receive further discount)
  4. Metagenomic sequencing- $350-700/sample (bulk order of ≥24 sample will receive further discount)
  5. QC (Picogreen @$5/sample, Bioanalyzer @$40/chip, Tapestation @$15/sample, RT PCR @$120/run).

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Note: Listed pricing applies to the orders that meet the requirement of a minimum number of samples, please contact for details. Also, above charges are calculated based on a baseline amount of sequencing data. QC charges will only apply to the number of representative samples tested for a given parameter (generally, we randomly test at least 10% of samples). 

For more details on service charges, please