Metagenomic sequencing


MRL offer shotgun metagenomic analysis in variety of biological and environmental samples. We recommend the use of appropriate methods of sample collection and storage for accurate and unbiased representation of microbial community in a given sample. We start with 100-200ng of high complexity genomic DNA and generate sequencing libraries using metagenomic library preparation kits from KAPA Biosystem or Nextera DNA Flex from Illumina. Genomic fragments of 300-400bp size are ligated with illumina recommended adapters containing unique barcodes or Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMIs) from IDT. Customer can decide on sample multiplexing and sequencing protocols based on the aim of study and desired number of sequencing reads per sample. For example, MiSeqDx could be used if aim of the study is just to decipher the taxonomy and estimate the abundances of bacterial community. On the other hand, if the goal is to discover the rare species, antibiotic resistance genes and in-depth functional analysis, then HiSeq 4000 platform could be a good choice to generate enough sequencing data.

Example of work flow:

Metagenomic analysis workflow graphic showing steps: A) Library preparation B) Sequencing C) Phylogeny and functional analysis