About Us

About Us

The Microbiome Research Laboratory (MRL) is a core facility that provides services for basic and clinical researchers aiming to characterize communities of microorganisms from a variety of sources. We can analyze microbial samples collected from human, mouse, or other organisms, and from a variety of different body sites. The MRL harnesses the power of next generation sequencing technology to profile microbial genomes. Equipped with state of art instrumentation, the MRL offers services for nucleic acid extraction, library preparation, 16S rRNA gene sequencing, shotgun metagenomics, and microbial whole genome sequencing. Our collaborators in the UT Southwestern Bioinformatics Core Facility have established pipelines for post-sequencing data analysis. Altogether, the MRL provides a comprehensive pipeline encompassing study design, sample preparation, sequencing, and data analysis to enable microbiome research for basic and clinical applications.

Contact and shipping address: Microbiome Research Lab at Biocenter EB3.216, East Campus of UT Southwestern Medical Center located at 2330 Inwood Road, Dallas, 75235, Texas. Phone 214-648-7323


MRL Staff

Prithvi Raj, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor
& MRL Director
Bo Zhang, MS.
Senior Technician
Carlos Arana, MS.
Computational Biologist
Matthew Brock, BS.
Research Tech