Research Facilities and Support

The state-of-the-art clinical and basic research facilities in the Department of Psychiatry comprise more than 120,000 square feet, much of it in new or recently renovated buildings.

  • More than 20,000 square feet devoted to laboratory space
  • Core research facilities, including:
    • Rodent Behavior Core
    • DNA sequencing and microarray cores
    • New state-of-the-art imaging facilities, including one of the nation’s first 7-Tesla MRIs
    • Dallas Brain Collection for schizophrenia research
    • Mouse MRI Core Facility

Psychiatry Research Support

Support for our research comes from public and private sources.

  • More than $10 million per year in NIH-sponsored research, including five center or program grants and four institutional training grants.
  • 16 endowed chairs and professorships, as well as two endowed centers and various other endowment funds.
  • An additional $3 million per year in research support from other sources (pharmaceutical companies, foundations).