P-CRI Services

The goal of the Psychiatry Clinical Research Infrastructure (P-CRI) Program is to provide a comprehensive system of clinical research support. A critical component of P-CRI services is research administration. The Program assists researchers with study initiation, regulatory compliance, procurement, and the development and maintenance of research databases.

The P-CRI offers support and consultation on neurocognitive assessment administration, phenotyping, and other biomarkers. In addition, the P-CRI helps with statistical analysis and training, and with grant, IRB, and manuscript submissions. Limited services are available to senior trainees through the sponsorship of a faculty member.

Request for services

Administrative Support

  • Financial review
  • Credentialing
  • Manuscript preparation*
  • Travel
*Please allow 1 week for submission.

Grant Preparation*

  • Budget development and justification review
  • UT Southwestern and sponsor submission
  • Consortium/subcontract agreements
  • Document assemblage
  • Liaison to Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA)

*In order to guarantee resource availability, we require at least six weeks notice prior to your grant submission deadline.

Data Management

  • Project setup and implementation for research studies and clinical trials
  • Data management (data entry, data review, data cleaning, database design, and data storage)
  • Use of the defined database management system to construct a functional electronic interface based on the database definitions
  • Construct procedural manuals and data dictionaries related to raw data files and analytical data files
  • Train study personnel in the use of the electronic database management system interface
  • Assist with preparation of reports and professional presentations

Statistical Support

  • Statistical consultation on grant applications, reports, and scholarly publications including sample size, design, and statistical methods
  • Data analysis of completed studies (not included in the statistical consultation)

To cite support from the P-CRI, or for a list of resources, please email us.